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What length of chain do I need?

We are happy for you to call and discuss your requirements with us. However here are a few guidelines.


Your security is only as good as it's weakest link. Therefore look at WHAT you are attaching the vehicle to. A ground anchor is best for home security. when you are out and about, you need to choose your anchor point with care. Street furniture is a good substitute for a ground anchor. However, do not choose traffic signs, as these are notoriously easy to defeat. Never leave the chain draped through the back wheel onto the floor, always lock your bike to an immovable object. This stops the thief picking it up (maybe with the help of a mate) and putting it into the back of a vehicle and taking it away.

Almax Series are the ORIGINAL Long Link chains. we designed the chain with long links, which gives various benefits.

  • It keeps the weight down
  • You can shorten the chain
  • You can add multiple chains, using just 1 padlock
  • The shackle of the lock is enclosed