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Almax Security Chains Customer Testimonials

Immobiliser Series III. Wow! Serious chain. Should do what it says on the sleeve. Thanks to long links it weighs less than you'd think too and the 1.5m chain really does fit comfortably in the Kriega US-10.
Brendan - Cheshire

Excellent service, surperb products and really went out of the way to discuss security options. The Almax Series IV Chain and Squire lock are a brilliant combo and I feel safe leaving the bike locked up to a tree with this stepup. Well worth the money and a bike long term investment! Thanks for the very quick delivery and taking the time to discuss those security ideas, Cheers
Gordon - London

Just wanted to say thanks, ordered series III last week with Squire padlock, arrived next day, is an immense bit of kit, no more curtain twitching for me...definatley the best chain on the market, highly recommended!
Daniel - Bristol

This is the best online service I've ever had and you can put that in your testimonials - Thanks

A massive thank you. My lock has just arrived and it is massive. My smaller locks look so small now. I really do hope that the scum that steal bikes will think twice now and move on. As others have said I wish I had this on my bike before it got stolen. I am going to order a couple more of these to really chain my bike to the floor. I can't thank you highly enough

Have to say the chain and lock are amazing! It's not until you see (and feel) what a decent lock and chain are like that you realise what rubbish most of the competition is - well done!

Hi, I just received the Series III chain and padlock. I can't believe the build quality and weight of both. Everybody who sees it thinks it could be used to secure Buckingham Palace!. I can start to sleep at night now instead of curtain twitching all night!.
Ben, Sheffield

Great customer service, if only every shop was as good as Almax. I'll be recommending you to all my mates. 
David, Crawley.

I just would like to say that I'm very satisfied with my series III chain! A year has passed since I own it, in total relax. I would recommend it without any hesitation. 
Ant, Cruz.Portugal.

I received my ALMAX III and SQUIRE SS65CS chain and lock today,WOW!! a serious looking piece of kit!!,many thanks.
Craig, Scunthorpe.

Wow! makes everything else look like a piece of string! It all arrived as promised.Thanks so much for the great service and keep up the good work on the chains.
Shane Lann of Lenka Wagenknechtova,Czech Republic.

My bike is protected by Almax Immobiliser chains after one of my bikes got stolen - the expensive brand name chain had been bolt cropped!

Recently, a neighbour bought a very nice new scooter, so I told him to throw the chains he had away and fit Almax Immobilisers - he did. Two thieves broke into his garage and on seeing that the scooter was clearly immovable, they set about stripping off mirrors, body panels etc just to have something to show for all their hard work. The police had been called and the time it took the thieves to strip bits off the immovable scooter allowed the police to arrive with dogs and take them away - Well done Almax!

Got the chains - great fast delivery, and oh my god, now that’s what I call a chain! Absolutely brilliant - I'll be recommending you to all my friends and biking mates!
Thanks for the great service, and all the best.

I can honestly say that my Almax Immobiliser III chain and Squire padlock are the best things I've ever bought for a bike - I only wish I'd bought them before my last one was stolen. To say I was impressed when I got it out of the box the day it arrived is an understatement - I've never seen a chain with links so big. Just looking at my Immobiliser III compared to the
chains on other bikes where I park fills me with confidence every time I leave it. A truly fantastic product from a friendly company with excellent customer service. If you're on this site thinking about buying one then go for it, you won't regret it. I honestly believe that if I'd had one on my other bike, I'd still be riding it today."
David A.

I've just received my Immobiliser II chain, and have to say that I'm very chuffed with it! After having had my learner bike stolen and recovered (vandalised), I've spent quite some time searching for the very best motorbike security chain I can find. Looks like I've found it! A very very impressive piece of hardware indeed. I very nearly spent twice as much on another chain that I now know has no where near the same level of protection on offer!

Just to let you know - my chain arrived as promised, proper bit of kit and this isn't even the 'IV' - Many thanks. 

Just wanted to write in and let you know how pleased I am with the Almax chain. As you may recall, my bike has been stolen twice in the past 6 months and both times I was fortunate enough to recover it. I had what I thought was a pretty solid lock (& ground anchor) to start with, then replaced it with a stronger & more expensive chain & lock after I recovered the bike (only for it to happen again!). Anyway, last week I noticed my motion detection lamp had been vandalized, and the cover to my bike had been removed. Sure enough; they had tried it again. The chain has 'bite marks' of the attempts they'd made to cut it. The dent marks are about half a mm deep but the integrity & strength of the chain is still completely intact. I well pleased with this chain! 

PS I have moved as of this week and so I don’t expect this story to have any further chapters!
Thanks for the quality product - I would recommend it to anyone!

I just wanted to let you know that I love the chain! It arrived on my door step in a plain brown box. I tried to pick it up. :-). That's when I realized that the chain and lock were "significant" technology and quality. I wanted to wait a while and have a test period before contacting you. Sadly, it is the great weight of the lock and chain, that makes it non-portable, which is also the source of the "security" that I feel using it. Having had two stolen motorcycles, I now feel I am using the best possible technology to defend my "baby". Thanks again for hanging in there and helping me with the sale. If you need a testimonial, I would be please to offer one. 
Donald Trummell

Thanks for the chain it truly is the "DADDY" of all chains, when everyone is all gone on this earth I think this chain will still be around for a long time!
Phil White

On a serious note, phoned yesterday and they were delivered about an hour ago, well seriousssssssssssssss, chains and padlocks, and anchor part looks the bits as well, to Almax thanks a bunch, respect

Many Thanks for such a speedy supply of the chains and ground anchor I ordered and indeed for the loan of the drill bit. It is a very pleasant surprise to deal with a company offering such customer service, together with a great product.
All the best for your continued success.
Gerry Slade

I would be greatful if you would post my testimonial on your site. I have owned an Immobiliser Series II which has been securing a ZX 10 RR. Sadly the bike was stolen. This is party due to the fact that the thieves (a rather polite term for the people that stole it) had to bolt crop their way through a fence to reach it and unfortunately the bike was in a position where it was NOT SECURED TO AN IMMOVABLE OBJECT. Three guys got out of a van picked up the rear of the bike - secured by the chain and wheeled it into a van before driving off through the hole they had cut in the fence. Congratulations on a great product. Needless to say I am ordering another Immobiliser III now that I am getting the bike back from insurers. Another piece of advise - Tracker's are a great invention. The tracker and my immobiliser III are worth every penny spent on them! Ride safely!

Just for feedback, everything arrived next day, chains anchor, all as said. Also I live in a nightmare place to find, delivery company had no bother. Oh and the drill bit was included as Max said. Looks the dogs, had to be careful putting it over me softy in case it crushed it! Fun trying to work out where to put the chain and anchor though. Too much shiny stuff and spokes too close together! 

Great deal. Thanks a lot Max

I bought an Almax Series III chain and squire combination last year after some undesireable interest was shown in my bike.
Since then it never had a second look and i have used it on three other bikes since.  Now owning a trail bike, which is a perfect bike for the thieves. Last night the Almax undertook a sustained attack of no less than seven separate attempts with bolt croppers, which was all caught on CCTV, at one point there were two of them jumping on the arm of the
cropper. I am pleased to say that it suffered no more than some very light marks where it was done. Just wanted to say thanks as it has kept my bike on my drive, one very satisfied customer worth every penny
JS, Derby.

Just like to say thanks for the prompt and professional service.
Can easily see why the Immobiliser III is considered the best chain on the market. Thanks again.
James, Scunthorpe.

I bought an Almax series 1 chain and squire padlock off you a couple of years ago and thought the quality and 
size of the thing was tremendous. I sold the chain to my uncle who was going to buy a scooter, as a lot of scooters in the area had been stolen and he never had a garage. Anyway he bought my Almax I chain and squire padlock off me then bought his scooter. Within 2 weeks the scooter had been attempted to be stolen twice by bolt cropping the chain both times marking the chain but getting no where near to getting through it. The 3rd time a week later they stole his wing mirrors and left a note saying we can't nick your bike so were taking your wing mirrors as a trophy. That was 2 years ago and he still has the scooter. Well that says it all. Ive just bought another Almax chain for my new bike. Thank you Alex and Maxine.
Wayne, Warwickshire.

I just want to write my congratulations on making the best chain in the world. I got mine today, I cannot believe the quality of this chain. I haven't seen anything else like it before. My bike was recently stolen, the chain was cropped with seemingly little effort. I got my bike back wilth £XXXX's worth of damages. They will just never be able to do the same with this chain.

Every motorcyclist should get one of these chains, it completely blows away all the competition, it makes 10-star rated chains look like 1-star.
Excellent service, next day delivery, just a wonderful experience! I will tell every other biker I know to get one of these chains. Worth every penny.
Dylan Kerr