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Testing and Guarantee

Do you test your products?

We at Almax ensure that our chains, Series III, IV, V and VI are tested at each stage of their manufacture. When the chain is formed, when it is case hardened, and when it is plated. We take 3 links out of every 100 metres and test at each crucial stage. We can therefore have complete faith in each and every chain that leaves our premises. You therefore can purchase our chain, with complete confidence in your choice. Almax Series chains are the toughest chains on the market. They are designed without compromise, so you don't have to!

Have they been tested independantly?

We have won RiDE Best Buy & RiDE Reccomend. We came first in a test carried out by Motorcycle News. We were the ONLY chain to survive a bolt cropping test at MCN, details of which are on their official website. Our Series III & Series IV were the ONLY chains to survive bolt cropping attack witnessed by Riders Digest. We were also the ONLY chain to survive in the ITV London programme's bolt cropping test for their programme 'Gone in 60 Seconds'. Theives have also tested our chains without success!

Where are the Almax Chains made?

We are proud that all our processes are carried out here in England, even down to the logo's on our sleeves. We are a British Company and take pride in British engineering prowess. You can buy the Almax Immobiliser Chains for your Motorcycle, your Quad, your Bicycle, your Car, your Caravan, your Boat, your Trailer, or any other equipment that you want to secure and rest easy in the knowledge that the Almax Immobiliser Series Security Chains are the toughest available. Made by a company that is committed to QUALITY & SERVICE.

What Guarantee do you offer?

We are SO SURE that we manufacture the best security chains in the World. That WE WILL PAY YOUR EXCESS* if your Almax Series III or IV chain is cropped by hand and your motorbike is stolen. If you are tempted by another chain, from a different manufacturer, ask them if their chain is uncroppable, with Irwin Record 42" croppers, if so, Will THEY PAY YOUR EXCESS if the chain doesn't stand up to these croppers. (* Terms & Conditions apply. Copy available upon Request)