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A massive thank you. My lock has just arrived and it is massive. My smaller locks look so small now. I really do hope that the scum that steal bikes will think twice now and move on. As others have said I wish I had this on my bike before it got stolen. I am going to order a couple more of these to really chain my bike to the floor. I can't thank you highly enough



Have to say the chain and lock are amazing! It's not until you see (and feel) what a decent lock and chain are like that you realise what rubbish most of the competition is - well done!



Hi, I just received the Series III chain and padlock. I can't believe the build quality and weight of both. Everybody who sees it thinks it could be used to secure Buckingham Palace!. I can start to sleep at night now instead of curtain twitching all night!.

Ben, Sheffield. :


Great customer service, if only every shop was as good as Almax. I'll be recommending you to all my mates.

David, Crawley.:


I just would like to say that I'm very satisfied with my series III chain! A year has passed since I own it, in total relax. I would recommend it without any hesitation.

Ant, Cruz.Portugal.:


I received my ALMAX III and SQUIRE SS65CS chain and lock today,WOW!! a serious looking piece of kit!!,many thanks.

Craig, Scunthorpe.:


Wow! makes everything else look like a piece of string! It all arrived as promised.Thanks so much for the great service and keep up the good work on the chains.

Shane Lann of Lenka Wagenknechtova,Czech Republic.:


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