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Almax Immobiliser Series V 22mm chain: Specifically designed for extreme home and industrial applications.

This is the 2nd heaviest chain in our product line. Weighing over 1kg (2.2lbs) per link. The Series V is available in 2 lengths, 1.6m and 2.1m. Our Defiant ground anchor (Black Edition) is an excellent partner for the Series V, designed to fit even the largest of our chains with ease.

  • Cannot be bolt cropped manually, guaranteed! (tested with Irwin Record 42” HU bolt croppers)
  • Impervious to HSS hacksaw attacks
  • Increased resistance against sledge/wedge and other impact attacks in comparison to other standard case hardened security chains
  • Almax’s (Black) Electrophoretic plating outperforms standard Zinc plating 3-1 in salt bath corrosion testing
  • The Electrophoretic process has the advantage over zinc plating as it does not cause hydrogen embrittlement, which zinc plated chains are extremely susceptible to
  • Our chain is supplied with an extremely hard wearing Black Cordura 1000 Denier fabric sleeve. Incorporating an internal durable backing that resists fraying and premature wear
  • The Series V weighs 16kg for 1.6m and 20kg for 2.1m
  • Dimensions of 22mm chain link; Overall link Width 83mm - Length 155mm. Internal link Width 37mm - Length 118mm. (Approximate measurements, please allow for slight manufacturing tolerances)

The Squire SS80C Stronghold lock
  • Extreme security padlock designed to fit the Almax Immobiliser Series V (22mm and 25mm)
  • Storm proof cover
  • Supplied with an upgraded Mauer A440 R1 core
  • Solid Hardened Alloy Steel Body
  • 16mm Hardened boron shackle, fully protected from bolt cropper attacks
  • 10 Year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Cen rated 6+ (moto) assembly
    Restricted key system, prevents keys from being cut without production of the key card supplied * Additional keys only available from Henry Squire & Sons direct
  • Over 250,000 key differs
  • Comprehensive anti-drill, bump and pick features
  • Electrophoretic plating process for enhanced corrosion resistance
  • XLN version to allow fitment to our 25mm chain

Defiant Ground Anchor (Black Edition)

  • Compatible with every Almax Series of Chain (16mm, 19mm 22mm and 25mm)  
  • Hard wearing Black Powder Coat finish to match the Almax Chain
  • Easy to install ultra-secure surface mounted anchor
  • Internal Rollers designed to deter angle grinder attacks
  • Chemical Bolt fixing, the strongest available
  • Cannot be levered out like traditional bolt in anchors
  • Almax is the sole supplier for the Defiant Ground anchor

Almax Immobiliser Series V EXTREME 22mm + Squire SS80CS XLN Stronghold Lock + Defiant Ground Anchor

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For the Almax Immobiliser Series V EXTREME 22mm + Squire SS80CS XLN Stronghold Lock + Defiant Ground Anchor

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