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Wall of Shame

Our latest chain is the ALMAX IMMOBILISER SERIES III; it has NEVER been bolt cropped. By anyone. Ever. The only damage was to the bolt croppers!

Which chain do YOU want protecting your bike? 

Squire MC4 Chain (RiDE Best Buy)?

Hand Bolt cropped in approx 63 seconds by Zanx and his amazing pantz. 

Luma Kit Solido Duo (RiDE Recommend)? 

Hand Bolt cropped in approx 35 seconds 

Abus Granite City Black X-Plus (RiDE Reccomend)? 

Hand Bolt cropped in approx 8 Seconds 

Abus Granite Extreme? 

Hand Bolt cropped in approx 12 seconds

Oxford Monster? 

Hand Bolt cropped by Peter Walker of M.A.G (who had never cropped a chain before) in 3 seconds 

Oxford Boss?

Hand Bolt cropped in approx 22 seconds 

Kryptonite Fahgettaboutit chain?

Hand bolt cropped in 42 seconds. 

Using Hydraulic Bolt Croppers

All of these chains were also cut with the hydraulic bolt croppers at the NEC International Motorcycle & Scooter Show in 8 - 12 seconds. 

The Immobiliser Series III CANNOT BE BOLT CROPPED BY HAND or with the portable hydraulic croppers.

Remember - Not all security chains are created equal To see just how unequal just watch these videos -

Video evidence