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Well a big thank you!!! I brought the Almax Immobiliser Series IV Uber + Squire SS65CS lock and well boy im impressed!
as everyone else i wish i had brought this before my motocross bike got stolen,but with this and other security devices the new one isn't going anywhere!
personally I dont think the pictures do the chain justice. ITS A MONSTER!!seriously though if you really want to secure somethink get this chain!!
As soon as i saw the chain when i got home i smiled and then went to pick it up and laughed at the weight!you can feel that this chain is madness! it is an amazing chain and lock please get one just to be safe!
amazing company allready recommended you to my motocross mates Worth every penny!! you have all the other chains nailed yours is a best!!!do not STOP making them this company is top! great business well done ALMAX!!!!!
Ryan, Northampton

I received my ALMAX III and SQUIRE  SS65CS chain and lock
today,WOW!! a serious looking piece of kit!!,many thanks.
Craig, Scunthorpe.

Wow! makes everything else look like a piece of string!
It all arrived as promised.Thanks so much for the great service and keep up the good work on the chains.
Shane Lann of Lenka Wagenknechtova,Czech Republic.

I just would like to say that I'm very satisfied with my series III
chain! A year has passed since I own it, in total relax. I would
recommend it without any hesitation.
Ant, Cruz.Portugal.

Great customer service, if only every shop was as good as Almax. I'll be
recommending you to all my mates.
David, Crawley.

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"The Not So Magnificent Seven"


Irwin Record 42" Bolt croppers introduce themselves to Sold Secure Gold and Thatcham approved chains. watch our movies

 Designed without compromise!

All Almax Immobiliser Series chains are case hardened but tempered back to increase ductility, rather than the norm of leaving the  chain with the side effect of through hardening. Although an expensive process to do, this increases the chains resistance to the next level of  sledge/wedge and freeze attacks.

Almax's unique long link system throughout, not only eats croppers for breakfast, it also allows the owners to tighten any length of  chain as they so desire. It also allows any number of chains to be secured using just the one padlock, reducing the cost of securing more than one vehicle whilst increasing security

  The Squire SS65CS Stronghold (Moto) R1

The lock we use is not only Squires Flagship Stronghold SS65CS but the upgraded version known as the MOTO. This means not only is it bolted internally on assembly but also is hydraulically pressed and secured with ball bearings. This ensures the maximum resistance to power tool attacks. We have also opted to use the well respected Mauer restricted profile key system. Not only restricting duplication of your key, but offering greatly enhanced protection against picking.

A L M A X - 1 P I K E Y K I D S - 0

Testimonial from James

"Hi, I just wanted to say thanks as your chain saved my bike today. Two guys tried to steal it in the middle of the day in full view of everyone despite the wailing alarm. However between the Immobiliser and the chain they left empty handed, works better than the police that's for sure: Almax 1, Pikey kids 0 "


All Almax Series Chains are Tested and approved by Thatcham, the independent testing body set up by the insurance industry.



Winner of RiDE magazines coveted 2014 Locks & Chains Test.   

Almax immobiliser series 4

RiDE magazine said "No manual attack touched the chain 9/10" Almax 19mm Series IV Uber Chain + Squire SS65CS Stronghold Moto (With Mauer's restricted  cylinder).

The Almax Immobiliser Series III former RiDE Best Buy winner! "Toughest chain on test scoring 15/15 !" The  chain that's light enough to carry, yet  cannot be bolt cropped by hand!


 Coming Soon!

The all new Almax Immobiliser Series V, 22mm security chain.

On RiDE magazines most recent test, it was the only chain to have scored a maximum 10/10 on security. RiDE  "nothing damaged it,  mechanical attacks took ages to get through." "although awkward to use,  recommended for anyone who needs absolute maximum security and is willing to spend the time and money"