Designed without compromise
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Designed without compromise

All Almax Immobiliser Series III/ IV chains are case hardened and tempered back to retain maximum ductility rather than leaving the chain through hardened and brittle. This maximises resistance against both sledge hammer and wedge techniques. We still however guarantee protection against hacksaws and Irwin record 42” bolt croppers as standard.

Almax's unique long link system throughout, not only eats croppers for breakfast, it also allows the owners to tighten any length of chain as they so desire. It also allows any number of chains to be secured using just the one padlock, reducing the cost of securing more than one vehicle whilst increasing security.

See just how tough our Almax Immobiliser security chains are

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Not all security chains are created equal!

To see just how unequal - click here to watch our Wall of Shame movies.

The Squire SS65CS Stronghold (Moto) R1

The lock we use is not only Squires Flagship Stronghold SS65CS but the upgraded version known as the MOTO. This means not only is it bolted internally on assembly but also is hydraulically pressed and secured with ball bearings. This ensures the maximum resistance to power tool attacks. We have also opted to use the well respected Mauer restricted profile key system. Not only restricting duplication of your key, but offering greatly enhanced protection against picking.


Ensure you lock your bike to an immovable object.

Testimonial from James

"Hi, I just wanted to say thanks as your chain saved my bike today. Two guys tried to steal it in the middle of the day in full view of everyone despite the wailing alarm. However between the Immobiliser and the chain they left empty handed, works better than the police that's for sure: Almax 1, thieving kids 0"